Saturday, July 23, 2011

Montauk summers

There's an aoura about montauk, ny. Sure, the summer crowds cloud its true personality. But, between the select few whom all stick together in ruling Ditch and the pointbreak-littered beaches, the most eastern point of Long Island is still alive as it used to be before the citiots took over.

I'm sitting now at the premier of our friend Mikey DeTemple's new film Sight | Sound. The parking lot is not lined with BMWs with softtops strapped to the hood. Instead there is an eclectic group of vintage station wagons and surf buggys. As we watch Kassia slide across a Maine peeler, the audience can relate. We all love surfing.

I may seem to be going off on a tangent and rambling on, however, I guess the point of this is to note that even in the biggest hell-hole of kooks, the real surfers find eachother and connect. And that is certainly noteworthy.

Let's connect.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Costa Rica

A few shots compliments of Chris Krisklopherson... had an unreal time in "Centro Americano" with young buck Klopf, my boy Benny, and Mikey D.


Soft Serve from Motionless JellyFish Productions on Vimeo.

Today... I make art :)

¡ Mas Photos de Steel Pier !

^ Mikey Melchiorre was shredding!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

some photos from steel pier

courtesy of John Wright @

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Found this print at a Salvation Army in Miami. Never heard of the guy so did a little research on him, turns out he's an interesting fellow.

Frank Horvat was born in 1928 in what was then Italy and is now Croatia. He studied art in Milan and a meeting in 1951 with Henri Cartier-Bresson decided his fate as a photojournalist. He traveled the world in the early 50s and sent his work back to Paris Match, Life and Realities among other magazines. In 1956 he settled in Paris and began to photograph fashion with a reportage style: real life situations, ambient lighting and 35mm cameras.

During his long career, Frank Horvat has contributed to every major magazine and his work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Prague, Berlin and New York.

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the other bloggg

check out this rad blog about some people who aren't afraid of the status quo. kinda sounds like us huh?